Leamington Twinning

Gemini Magazine

The first Leamington International Friendship Society (LIFS) Newsletter, of which we still have a copy, was published in April 1985. It was a simple two page issue with no pictures. Since then the original concept has evolved into the current Magazine format and was first published in colour using the name Gemini – which of course means twins – in August 1999, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Leamington’s twinning with Brühl.

All archived issues of Gemini since 2009 are available as PDF files and can be accessed by clicking on the tabs listed below:

Spring 2009 Edition Autumn 2012 Edition
Summer 2009 Edition Winter 2012 Edition
Mid-Summer 2009 Edition Summer 2013 Edition
Autumn 2009 Edition Autumn 2013 Edition
Spring 2010 Edition Spring 2014 Edition
Summer 2010 Edition Summer 2014 Edition
Autumn 2010 Edition Autumn 2014 Edition
Spring 2011 Edition Spring 2015 Edition
Summer 2011 Edition Winter 2015/16 Edition
Autumn 2011 Edition Spring 2016 Edition
Winter 2011 Edition Autumn-2016 Edition
Summer 2012 Edition Spring 2017 Edition 

Winter 2017 Edition

Summer 2018 Edition

Winter 2018 Edition